Name Brand V. Generic, which do you prefer?

Wave One Sports is the leader in custom team sports apparel.  We offer the highest quality sports apparel available today.  Daily we discuss brand options with our customers.  Some brands we offer include Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and New Balance.   Champion, Holloway, Alleson Athletic, Pennant Sportswear and Legacy Headwear are popular choices.  Charles River Apparel, Badger Sports, MV Sport, Game Sportswear and Game Headwear round out the list of frequent selections.  These brands represent the most requested brands we offer; however, we source and sell many additional brand options.

What is the difference between international/national brands and generic brands?  Good question! Each of the brands listed above are distinct brands, some are nationally and internationally recognized due to  extensive marketing.  Many customers contact Wave One and request a specific brand like Nike regardless of the item, style or cost.  The international/national brands are well known for their quality and consistency.  Their creative marketing and extensive advertising dominates all forms of media, creating strong demand for their products.  Huge brands like Nike spend vast sums on product research and development.  The result is a steady stream of new product offerings utilizing cutting edge technological advances in fabrics, materials and manufacturing techniques.  Years of advertising and product development have made Nike one of the most, if not the most recognized athletic brand on the planet.  Millions of loyal Nike customers purchase their products without ever considering an alternative.

Generic brands frequently are produced by smaller companies, many of whom specialize in just a few products.  Many times, the quality is as good, if not better, than the more well-known brands.  In today’s world much of the apparel sold in the US is manufactured off shore, sometimes two or more styles from different brands are made in the same factory!  The companies that make and sell the generic brands typically spend a small fraction of what the big boys spend on advertising, marketing and product development.  By eliminating or reducing these expenses the generic brands can offer their similar quality product(s) at lower prices.  However lower prices may be a result of inferior quality. The adage, you get what you pay for, works both ways.   Generic brand sports apparel customers are looking for quality products that do not have the brand label on the outside of the garment.  They prefer to advertise their brand featuring their team or company logo not the clothing brand’s logo.  And, if our generic customer accomplishes this at a lower cost for similar quality, even better.

Mom used to say; that’s why they make vanilla and chocolate, referring to people’s differing tastes.   Today we could say; that’s why they make Breyers vanilla and chocolate, and Acme brand vanilla and chocolate.  Some people prefer name brands.  Some people prefer generic.

Wave One understands we must listen carefully to our customers’ needs and desires, then offer a variety of options to satisfy their custom team sports apparel wishes.   Having dozens of brands at various price and quality points is only one piece of the customer satisfaction puzzle.  Superior quality decoration and the most responsive customer service in the industry, combined with abundant brand options keeps Wave One customers coming back time and time again.

Embroidery by Wave One Sports

Wave One Sports, the leader in Custom Team Sports Apparel, specializes in custom embroidery. An internet search for “embroidery definition” yields this from the Cambridge Dictionary site: “the activity of decorating cloth or clothing with patterns or pictures sewn directly onto the material, or a pattern or picture created in this way”. At Wave One Sports we take great pride in the fact that we have had our in-house embroidery shop since 1996.

Wave One Sports was founded in 1988. In the beginning, all our embroidery work was done by several different embroidery contractors. As business grew the amount of subcontract custom embroidery work exploded and in 1996 we decided to take the very big step to bring this work in house. The expense of a new Barudan 15-head, 9-needle computerized embroidery machine was a giant reach for Wave One. In addition, learning how to operate and staff this new tool was a challenge like no other. However, our proforma statements clearly indicated this purchase was a solid business decision that would pay for itself in short order.

Fast forward to 2017, our 15-head work horse is still churning out high quality custom embroidered logos for our customers apparel at least 5 days a week. Higher quality finished products, and greater profit are two benefits realized having in-house embroidery. The speed of order turnaround, and flexibility of scheduling gained, may not show up directly on our accounting statements, but has had an immeasurable positive impact on our customer service and consequent boost in our customer satisfaction. One of our company principles is to only make promises we can keep, in-house custom embroidery allows us to make and keep more of those promises.

Another interesting aspect of embroidery that is a huge part of Wave One’s custom team apparel offerings is tackle twill lettering, also known as applique. I just googled “tackle twill” and discovered (for the first time) on WORDNIK that the term tackle twill comes from; a tough fabric invented by R. J. Liebe, that was originally used for football pants. As newer fabrics were created and tackle twill was replaced with other materials such as Lycra, its primary use became lettering (name and number embroidery), as on athletic apparel. Originally Wave One sewed these letters and numbers on jerseys, jackets, pants, shorts, etc. by hand. Letters were cut from the tough twill fabric with a heat sensitive adhesive backing applied. The team or player names and numbers were arranged on the garments and then “temporarily” heat pressed on the garment. A seamstress would then sew zig zag stitches around the edges to make the names and numbers permanently fixed to the apparel. Soon after Wave One acquired our “big” custom embroidery machine we began to use it to embroider zig zag stitch lettering. A drawback was the size of the names/numbers/logos was limited by the size of the embroidery hoops that our machine could accommodate. In 2004 Wave One purchased our first single head Amaya machine with a much larger sew field enabling larger “full back” size tackle twill lettering. The addition of this single head custom embroidery machine again added speed and flexibility to our production and increased our ability to make our customers happy.

The custom team apparel business is extremely competitive. Since 1988 Wave One has and continues to emphasize customer service as the most important product we offer our customers. In-house custom embroidery is an important tool used by Wave One Sports to provide unparalleled customer service and quality. Another reason to contact Wave One Sports, the leader in Custom Team Sports Apparel.

embroidery thread    university of Virginia lacrosse embroidery

sierra nevada beer embroidery    

wissahickon warriors hockey embroidery    wissahickon warriors hockey embroidery


Are You Happy?

Perhaps you have seen Wave One Sports’ most recent ads in Lacrosse Magazine.  Our current advertising campaign; “ARE YOU HAPPY?” is designed to get you thinking about whether your current custom team sports apparel supplier is fulfilling your needs and meeting your expectations regarding your team gear.  Wave One Sports has been making our customers happy since 1988.  Wave One is the leader in custom team sports apparel.  Our high-quality products, exceptional service and fair pricing has resulted in thousands of happy customers, happy customers who come back season after season because we make them happy. 

Wave One’s successful formula is offering the highest quality products through exceptional service at competitive prices.  It’s a simple formula, but evidently not very easy to execute consistently.  We work very hard each day to ensure that every one of our customers has a superior experience. 

The first element of our successful formula is high quality products.  Wave One sells and decorates the finest quality products from Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Holloway, Alleson Athletic, Champion and New Balance to name a few.  Our customers seek and appreciate the value in these brands, and understand that the quality of the decoration is of equal importance as well.  This combination of superior quality apparel and state of the art decoration results in the finest quality custom team sports gear available.


The second element of the successful Wave One formula is exceptional service. At Wave One service encompasses every aspect of the team sports apparel buying process.  From our customer’s very first contact to the moment they open the package containing their new gear and beyond, we strive to be accessible, knowledgeable, responsive, courteous, understanding, and helpful.  All phone calls during business hours are answered by one of our experienced sales professionals.  We know our customers are too busy to fool around with menus and voice mail, when they call, we answer.  Our customers get service when they want it and need it on their schedule, and are never left wondering if they will get a response.   Email is another tool Wave One uses extensively to serve our customers.  Quotes, pictures, mockups and all variety of product information can be produced and communicated via email in a moment’s notice, supplying much need answers quickly. We understand that busy schedules sometimes don’t allow for calls or contacts during “normal” business hours.   Our comprehensive and mobile friendly website is available 24/7 for product information and email links to request additional information and ask questions.  More and more of our customer contact is exclusively via email and the internet, but many customers also take advantage of our telephone accessibility during the work week.  At Wave One we understand that a happy customer will come back over and over and in addition may refer additional business because of their positive experience.  Wave One makes customers happy.  Wave One will make you happy too.


The third element of the successful Wave One formula is competitive pricing.  Our strong relationships with our suppliers, built over 28 years of making our customers happy,  have put us in the position to offer our high-quality products and services and exceptionally fair and competitive prices.  We have learned from our customers that lowest price does not equate to best value.  Our customers know that they get the best value for their dollar at Wave One Sports, and they return season after season for the experience.   We believe that doing what we say we will do, every time, creates value.  We also know that we are not the only game in town, and that we must earn our customer’s trust and loyalty on every order.  And we do.

 If you are a Wave One customer, we thank you.   If you have not yet had the pleasure of working with Wave One Sports, we ask – “Are you Happy?”  Well, are you?  Let Wave One make you happy.

Product Review – Nike Waterproof Jacket

Check out the Nike Waterproof Jacket.  The name says it all.  

This is Nike’s team offering to shield players, coaches and fans from the elements.  Whether you’re on the sideline or in the stands this jacket offers protection from the wind and rain. 

Constructed of Nike Storm-Fit 5 fabric and featuring bonded seams and an adjustable hood the Nike Waterproof Jacket seals out the weather keeping you dry and comfortable.  Slash Zipper pockets provide secure storage for those items you like to keep handy.  The classic chevron design is highlighted by reflective piping and a two-tone contrasting anthracite and black distinctive front.  Mesh lining and center back perforated vents allow this beauty to not only protect but also breath, increasing function and comfort.  Increased adjustability provided by the toggled hem and hook and loop tabs at the cuffs allow for personalized fit and yet more comfort. 

The Nike Waterproof Jacket continues to impress with the packable pocket technology that allows the entire jacket to be stored compactly.  Good looks and functionality come together in the Nike Waterproof Jacket. 

Available in Men’s sizes XS-4XL.

Shown with custom embroidered logo for Wildwood Crest Beach Patrol


SWO_8282SWO_8281 SWO_8267 SWO_8265SWO_8287 SWO_8293 SWO_8292 SWO_8213

Reveiw | Nike Men’s Digital Motion Reversible and Short

Introducing the Men’s Reversible and Pocketed Short from Nike’s Digital Motion uniform series.

Like it’s female counterpart, the ultra-light Digital Motion kit is a single-ply, fully sublimated, polyester jersey and kilt. Minimal seams and the use of only the sublimated polyester make this kit the one of the lightest, most breathable kits we’ve seen to date.

This uniform kit is fully-customizable with a impressive range of decorating options. Teams have the options of adding the fading tonal graphic [shown]; multi-color contrasting trims; Nike’s arrow graphic trim [shown], 2-color name and numbers; team logos and more.

For more information on the Nike Digital Motion Uniform and to order yours, contact a Wave One sales rep today!

SWO_3497SWO_2936SWO_2926 SWO_2932 SWO_2934  SWO_3495  SWO_3522  SWO_3533SWO_2846

To customize this uniform and more go to:




Review | Nike 2016 Digital Women’s Motion SS Lacrosse Uniform

Introducing Nike’s latest evolution in women’s lacrosse uniforms: the Nike Digital Motion Short Sleeve Jersey and Kilt.

The ultra-light Digital Motion kit is a single-ply, fully sublimated, polyester jersey and kilt. Minimal seams and the use of only the sublimated polyester make this uniform the lightest, most breathable uniform we’ve seen to date.

This uniform kit is fully-customizable with a impressive range of decorating options. Teams have the options of adding the fading tonal graphic [shown]; multi-color contrasting trims; Nike’s arrow graphic trim [shown], 2-color name and numbers; team logos and more.

For more information on the Nike Digital Motion Uniform and to order yours, contact a Wave One sales rep today!

To customize this uniform and more go to:




Check out this great custom Nike team gear for the Calvary girl’s lacrosse team of WT Woodson High School.

This particular Team Store featured:

  • Nike Club Hoody in Navy
  • Nike Women’s DriFit 1/4 Zip in Cardinal
  • Nike Heritage 86 Cap in Cardinal
  • Nike Textured DriFit 1/2 Zip Top in Navy
  • Nike Women’s Legend S/S Tee in Navy
  • Nike Women’s Legens L/S Tee in Cardinal
  • Nike Women’s Racerback Reversible in Navy/White
  • Nike Women’s FullFlex 2 in 1 Short in Navy/Anthracite
  • Nike Team Overtime Jacket in Navy
  • Nike FB Players Polo
  • Nike Headtie

IMG_0068  IMG_0065 IMG_0061

These pieces were part of a Wave One Team Store and will be shipping out tomorrow. Did you know Wave One will ship individual packages to everyone on your team that orders?

Contact Wave One today to learn more about our Team Stores and how to create your own for your team!

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