Best of the Week – June 13th! Stars and Stripes Lacrosse Club

Todays feature is the best of the week and belongs to the Stars and Stripes Lacrosse Club. Stars & Stripes Lacrosse, LLC  (“Stars & Stripes”) is a “select” youth lacrosse club in Lehigh Valley, PA.

The club will be traveling to Denver in July to compete at the World Lacrosse Championships. At that tournament they will be wearing brand new uniforms from Wave One Sports.

Uniform is made from our brand new Inline Lacrosse material which is a single ply fully sublimated reversible. Very lightweight and breathable.

Designing the uniform was tough. Reversible, Short, and Shooting Shirt made for a lot of creativity and thought that went into the artwork. Designs took about 2-3 weeks of back and forth with Stars and Stripes until it was approved, and it was worth every minute. Uniforms turned out great!

Wave One wishes Stars and Stripes the best of luck in Denver.

Thank you

-Wave One

Stars and Stripes Sub

Stars and Stripes Sub