Wave one Team Stores Online


Wave One Sports, the leader in custom team sports apparel, offers online Team Stores.  Wave One online team stores are a great way for your team or organization to offer custom team sports apparel and accessories to your players, families and fans with limited amount of effort on the part of your coach or team manager.  In addition, online team stores can be a great fund raising option.  There is no charge for this service provided by Wave One Sports.

  1. Your team rep works closely with one of Wave One Sports experienced sales professionals to choose the items that will be offered for sale on your online team store. Most successful team stores offer 4-6 items, this is the easiest way to ensure minimums for each item are reached.  Wave One will digitally mock up each item in the appropriate color(s) and with the appropriate decoration, typically your logo(s).
  1. Prices for items offered on your team store must be determined. Some stores are setup as a convenient way for customers to purchase custom team gear and offer the items with no mark up.  Others use custom gear as a fund raiser and add to the cost.  Wave One will issue a single check, directly to your organization, for money collected as a fund raiser after the store closes and orders are shipped.
  1. The timing of your team store must be determined. Stores are not continuously open but have a start date and an end date, during which orders are taken.  Once the store is closed no additional orders can be placed.  Store timing operates this way because maintaining inventory of your team’s custom apparel for random ordering throughout the season is not feasible.
  1. Promoting your online team store is the most important thing your organization must do! Leading up to and during the time your store is “live” daily reminder emails, including a store link, to your customers “driving” them to your store and reminding them of the dates they must order are critical to the success of your store.   The most successful stores are heavily promoted.
  1. Your web store is completely secure and safe allowing your team members and their families to pay directly by credit card. After shopping they will be taken to their shopping cart where they can review their order and check out. After checkout, they will receive an email confirming their purchase. This process eliminates the responsibility of your organization of taking orders and collecting money.
  1. Once your team store closes your team order is produced and individually shipped. Most stores are open for a two-week period, prior to or at the beginning of your team’s season.  Once the store closes the items are produced and then shipped.  Normal production time is approximately 5 weeks from the close of the store until the items are shipped.  Items cannot be purchased after the close date.
  1. Your customers orders will be individually shipped, removing the sorting and distribution responsibility entirely from your organization. Wave One will ship most orders via USPS.  Shipping fees are added to your customer’s orders at time of purchase.

Check out this link for a sample of a Wave One Team Store: