NFHS Boys Lacrosse Uniform Rules

NFHS Boys Lacrosse Uniform Rules

According to their website, the National Federation of State High School Associations was organized in 1920 and serves high school athletic and extracurricular activity organizations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, “establishing consistent standards and rules for competition”. Periodically the NFHS updates and publishes rules regarding boys lacrosse uniforms.  The current rules set the guidelines for jersey color, uniform trim, numbers, uniform shorts and manufacturer’s logos.  The following is a summary of the boys lacrosse uniform rules.

Boys high school jerseys must be constructed of a single solid color and entirely cover shoulder pads. The opposing teams must wear contrasting color jerseys with the home team in dark-color and the visiting in white or light color.  A rule change adopted in 2018 states that starting in 2022 the home team will wear white and the away team will wear non-white jerseys.

Uniform Trim rules permit contrasting colors for collar, cuffs and waistbands, not to exceed 2 inches in width. Side panels or inserts are permitted from armpit to waist, providing the panels are 3 inches wide or less.  In addition, contrasting piping of not more than 1/8” may also be used in both home and away jerseys.

Numbers are a critical component of jerseys in most sports. Boys lacrosse jerseys must have both front and back numbers.  Front numbers must be at least 8 inches in height and can be single color or two colors with the outline color no wider than 2 inches.  On the back numbers must, at a minimum, be 12 inches tall and follow the same contrasting trim dimensions as the front numbers.  Under no circumstances are duplicate numbers on the same team allowed.

The rules concerning Lacrosse Shorts are not nearly as strict as the those for Lacrosse Jerseys, simply requiring all plays on the same team to wear shorts “of the same dominant color”.

Not more than one visible manufacturer’s logo or trademark is permitted on each jersey and each short.  These marks must not be larger than 2.25 square inches total and no more than 2.25 inches “in any direction”.

American flags no bigger than 2” x 3” and memorial or commemorative patches up to 4 square inches that do not obstruct jersey numbers are permitted. Team names that do not interfere with the jersey numbers are also permitted.

This information was taken from the NFHS website. We hope this summary of the boys lacrosse uniform rules is helpful. If you have any questions about boys lacrosse jerseys and/or custom team sports apparel and accessories, please contact one of our helpful experts at Wave one Sports, or visit us online at