Whose opinion is more important in designing custom team uniform?

Whose opinion is more important in designing custom team uniform?

If you have been in the industry of designing lacrosse girls uniforms and lacrosse team apparel as long as we have at waveonesports.com, then you would understand where we are heading for when we ask this question: whose opinion matters most in the design of a uniform?

Is it the client or the designer of the customizable warm up jackets?

Is it the piper or the people paying the piper?

You should never take for granted the role that a simple idea would have on an entire process that can be sometimes complicated like designing lacrosse jackets. In fact, the team uniforms that are the best out there include those that do not have a lot of details on them but still manage to take advantage of several elements of design.

The colors on such uniform and customizable warm up jackets are not crazy or haywire. Shoulder designs and panel designs are just sufficient and the color combination give the final product and uniform a firm and final finish.

All of the above point to how a design comes into being, from idea into the final physical uniform that your team members would don with pride and joy.

And this brings us back to our initial query: whose opinion is more important than the other in the design of a lacrosse uniforms?

Of course, by now you must have guessed it right. It is both parties’ opinions that are important. This is true because if a client comes with an idea for uniform and we do not critique it for them before we commence designing it, who do you think would take the blame for creating such a horribly designed team uniform?

Yes, we would of course. No one would understand that we simply translated the client’s idea into reality. The question would be why we as professionals i the custom team uniform industry did not counsel and advise our client better.