The Wave’s online stores can be the answer to your fundraising needs.

The Wave’s online stores can be the answer to your fundraising needs.

“You can never cross the ocean
Unless you have the courage
To lose sight of the shore.”
~Christopher Columbus

The Wave’s online stores can be the answer to your fundraising needs. What do you do to raise money for your Lacrosse team? The Wave can tell you how to have a fundraiser and show team spirit at the same time. It’s a win-win situation. The cost of playing a team sport is getting higher and higher, and lacrosse is one of the more expensive sports. The sport of lacrosse uses a lot of specialized equipment and this costs money. Fundraising is a great way to help to defray from the many costs of playing Lacrosse.

Could your lacrosse team use the money earned for…?

  • New sports equipment
  • New team uniforms
  • New lacrosse helmets or sticks
  • Team jackets
  • Tournament costs
  • Club fees
  • Coach or ref pay
  • The cost of a bus or an overnight stay
  • The end of the year banquet, including the and players’ and coaches’ gifts

This list can go on and on.

What has your team done in the past to raise money? Perhaps you have sold food items like candy, popcorn, pizza kits or have had a bake sale. Maybe you have tried car washes, flea markets, raffle baskets or concession stands to raise money. How did those work out for you? They require work before, during and after the event.

Wave One Sports has the answer to your fundraising needs and it requires little work on your part. Our qualified sales associates at Wave One can create an Online Team Store. You can choose from a large selection of team sports’ apparel.

Some of the items for your store could be:

  • Custom Team Back Packs
  • Custom Embroidered Duffle bags
  • Custom Sports’ Team Jacket
  • Under Armour Game Tanks
  • Nike Hoodie and Sweatpants
  • Holloway Jackets
  • New Era Baseball caps
  • Beanies
  • Headbands
  • Nike Team Woven Jacket
  • Under Armour Lacrosse Practice Pinnies
  • Padagonia fleece pullovers, ¼ zip jackets, vests

How can you make your online team store successful you ask… The Wave Knows

  • Use your contact email and text lists to blast message reminders.
  • Post the online sale on your website
  • Post flyers
  • Ask your friends, family, neighbors and teachers

Wave One can help earn money and show your team spirit by having an Online Team Store. Just think how the bleachers will look when they are filled with your team name and logo. Go team go!

The Wave Knows