Wave One Sports Custom Sublimated Masks & Gaiters

Wave One Sports Custom Sublimated Masks & Gaiters

Wave One Sports Custom Sublimated Masks & Gaiters

As the world looks toward reopening from the Covid-19 pandemic, health concerns are at an all time high. In response to these concerns, Wave One Sports has decided to help by producing custom sublimated face masks and gaiters for all of your teams/businesses’ needs. Both options are made from high quality materials, and are fully customizable, washable, and reusable. Wave One Sports has a very talented onsite graphic designer that can help with all your artwork needs. We can even help you make a logo for your company, team, or family! 


Face Masks

Wave One Sports Mask Example

Our custom face masks are 2-ply, and made from high quality fabrics. The outer layer is made from a moisture management performance polyester, and the inner layer is made of pellon for added stability and protection. Elastic ear straps keep the mask in place. These are fully customizable with your own colors, patterns, and logos. The over-ear mask style is very popular, and is much more environmentally responsible than the disposable masks you see for nearly the same prices online right now! 




Wave One Sports Gaiter Example

The Gaiter version (A.K.A. Neck Gaiter or Bluff) offered by Wave One is made from a high quality polyester/spandex moisture management fabric. Extensive coverage is provided as the fabric wraps around the back of your neck. This keeps the fabric tightly connected all the way around your head and down through the neck.  These are also completely customizable with your choice of colors, patterns, and logos. Both sides can even be designed for additional colors/styles on the same garment!

Gaiters will likely become a more popular option as the weather gets colder, as they will also serve as an additional barrier from the elements long after the virus is gone. This is great for anyone who does any outdoor activities in cold weather and would still like to stay protected from breathing in harmful virus elements. These will stay on your face much more easily than the over-ear face masks. Since there is no resistance against your ears, the gaiters are more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

Stay safe, and keep your brand visible

As every day life starts getting back to normal, masks are going to be required for most public situations. Any time you go to a store, school, or sporting event you are going to be at risk and required to wear masks. Provide protection, boost spirit and keep your brand visible with Wave One’s custom sublimated face masks and gaiters. Both styles are non-medical grade and do not replace the N95 filtered mask, but do protect your health and comply with laws currently being enforced in public spaces. Now is the time to prepare for the next step in this difficult journey. 


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