Whose opinion is more important in designing custom team uniform?

If you have been in the industry of designing lacrosse girls uniforms and lacrosse team apparel as long as we have at waveonesports.com, then you would understand where we are heading for when we ask this question: whose opinion matters

Fonts and Team Logo Used for Uniform Design

If you are going to design a uniform or customizable warm up jackets with us at waveonesports.com, you would expect that you are going to get the very best design possible. This is one of the reasons why we encourage


Have you ever wondered if your designer had what it takes to design an amazing uniform like lacrosse girls uniforms? Chances are if you have eyes and the desire you can surprise everyone, including yourself. When you want to get

Importance of a good uniform for a great team

Introduction: Athletes are really passionate about their sport and they respect their work. They need to be comfortable and confident to perform their best and their uniform plays a major role in both of these aspects. Ignoring your team’s uniform

Benefits of designing your own custom uniform at Waveonesports

Introduction: It is just awesome to design your very own custom uniform for your team. There are hundreds of teams in the market, and not all of them have distinct uniforms, as most of them buy their uniforms the traditional

How your uniform influences your team’s marketing?

Have you ever wondered how influential your lacrosse uniforms are? While you are playing with Nike custom lacrosse jerseys or Nike lacrosse uniforms, you would want to know how impactful they are. This way, you will be able to formulate

Worried about your team’s morale? Your uniform might help

Has your team been facing many challenges with its practice and matches? It is possible for a lacrosse team to feel down because of a bad season. However, it is important to get the team out of the depression in

Save your team’s money by purchasing team uniforms online

Your teams budget may be running low on funds. It is also possible you may be pressured from school management to cut costs in order to inside your schools new spending mandates. You can succeed in this regard by purchasing your lacrosse

New Designs Are Arriving For Lacrosse Teams, Get One for Yours

If your team wanted to change its layout or get new designs, you have a great opportunity, as new designs are arriving here at Wave One Daily. You can easily get your hands on the latest products from top providers

How buying team apparel online can help your team

Many tasks have become digital. One of those tasks is purchasing your lacrosse team uniforms. You no longer need to visit an offline store to purchase the lacrosse jersey you need. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits to making these

4 Ways to make your team more popular and gain more fans

Having fans is necessary for the morale of your team.  Although the performance of your team is mainly responsible for its popularity, other factors have roles to play as well. The following points will help: Get better jerseys Your team’s

Improve your team’s performance with psychology (your uniform helps)

Psychology plays a major role in the game of lacrosse. Your team can begin to perform 200% or even 300% better if it is able to focus on keeping its morale high. Teams that are able to overcome the arising

3 tips to reduce your hassles and focus more on your team

Taking time out of your schedule to focus on other important tasks related to your team is important. You must’ve heard the quotation, “Work smarter, not harder”. This article will help you in this regard as the following tips will

Wave One Sports Sublimated Shirts make Winners Circle at Sundays’ $7.5K Door Wars Race!

We recently designed and made a set of team shirts for the drag racing team of One Sky Media. The shirts are made using the sublimated shirt printing process. The sublimated shirt printing process allows for printing form edge to

Need Lacrosse uniforms for your team? Find out how to buy the best ones.

Whether you’re looking for Lacross helmets or Lacross uniforms, it’s important to buy them from a good vendor. Without a high-quality vendor, you wouldn’t be able to get durable Lacrosse uniforms for your team. Still, you shouldn’t worry much the

Custom Corporate Branded Apparel & More

When you’re in need of apparel for you’re business branded with your logo, slogan and even an event name look no further than your friends at Wave One Sports. We have all of the top lines including Nike, Under Armour and Addidas. Hats,

How to keep the spirits of your Lacrosse team high (The uniform can help)

Any time you can have confidence issues. It could be because of a hurt player or a poor performance in the last match. However,  low confidence doesn’t benefit the team in any regard. It can only degrade the performance of

Tired of Lacrosse uniform vendors? Here’s how you can avoid the hassles:

Ordering sublimated jerseys for your team can sometimes be really frustrating. You might not get the order on time or the product might be defective. It’s a major problem with new stores. Moreover, you have to make a number of

The Big Mistake Every Lacrosse Team is Making (Which You Can Avoid)

A Lacrosse team, like any other sports team, has to focus on a number of areas. It should keep practicing, it should keep itself updated with the rules and there should be proper equipment. However, a common mistake among many

Want to boost your Lacrosse team’s fans? Here’s the best method to increase your fanbase:

While playing on the ground, the players remain focused on the game. However, the cheer of the fans from the stands lifts their spirits and encourages them to overcome their limitations. The tired players begin to play with more zeal.