Custom Team Jackets

12th February 2019

The Wave Knows Custom Team Jackets!

How do you stay warm on the sidelines, bleachers or field during cold or rainy weather? We here at Wave One have the answer to all your comfort and warmth needs. Think of how cold, chilly, rainy and windy it can get during game time. Whether the game is lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, football or track, when you are cold it can be miserable. We have a variety of custom team jackets that can keep you cozy in any kind of weather condition. We have team jackets, Nike sweatshirts, Under Armour hoodies, pullovers, fleece lined jackets, full zip jackets, ¼ zip jackets, vests, warm-up jackets, shell mesh jackets, hooded blankets, and so much more team sports apparel. How about when the weather turns rainy? Wave One Sports can help you be prepared and dry with sports’ team jackets for your rainy-day needs. We have a selection of Nike, Under Armour and Holloway waterproof team sports apparel. Check out our waterproof and water resistance items, such as rain jackets, ponchos, waterproof blankets, parkas and more. Whether you are a player, a parent, a sibling, a grandparent, friend, member of the student body, or other family members, you can show your team and school spirit and stay warm and dry, and Wave One can help you. Remember to be prepared for all the seasons and any kind of weather. You can also do this by layering team sports apparel. Also, it is a good idea to keep some sports’ team jackets in your trunk when the need arises. Wave One Sports has a large variety of sports brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Pennant, New Balance, MV Sports, Holloway, Pear Sox, Legacy, Charles River, Boxercraft and Champion. Also, do you know we have a full line of Patagonia? How exciting is that! So, remember whether during practice, before, during or after the game, or you are a spectator, you can stay warm and dry and show team spirit and Wave One can help you. Also, remember…the wave knows.

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