Custom Team Socks Can Help You Get Your Socks On

18th February 2019

The Wave Knows
Custom Team Socks Can Help You Get Your Socks On

You’re not a wave,
you’re part of the ocean.
~Mitch Albom

We here at Wave One Sports can help you get your socks on. Wave One has custom team socks in a variety of sizes and colors. You can personalize and design your own sports socks. Wave One can help you customize your own team sports socks with your color, logo, team and number. We have custom sports socks for lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, ice hockey, baseball, basketball, football, rugby and cheerleading. Wave One has sports socks to fit all sizes. The Wave also has many different styles including:

  • Custom All sport socks
  • Custom Tube socks
  • Custom Crew socks
  • Custom Quarter socks
  • Custom Over the calf socks
  • Custom Ankle socks

We customize socks by the popular brands Pearsox Custom Sports Socks, TCK Custom Sports, Profeet Custom Sports Socks, and Red Lion Custom Sports Socks. These socks are made of moisture management yarns, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene and elastic. Wave One Sports can help you add to your team sports uniform kits with creative and unique sports socks to match. Our socks are fun, comfortable and crazy. They come in all sports colors and some fun colors, such as neon pink and green. They also come in funky patterns, such as argyle, camouflage and polka dot. Custom orders can be made with a 12-piece minimum. These socks can be great for a fundraiser, team gift or to sell at games. So, let The Wave help you with your sock needs and help you get your socks on. Remember, The Wave Knows.

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