Soffe Shorts popular, fashionable and fun!

13th February 2019

Hey girls and guys, do you know what kind of shorts are popular, fashionable and fun?

The wave knows, and Wave One wants you to know. Soffe shorts are what’s in. Soffe shorts are back by popular demand. They are the trend, and everyone is wearing them. Soffe shorts are athletic training shorts made from specialty performance fabrics, such as Soffe Lux and Soffe dri. They are designed with Juniors dance, cheer, gymnastics, yoga and active lifestyles in mind. However, they are great for field hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, and softball practice as well. You can also wear them to gym class or to bed. It’s not just young girls that are wearing Soffe. The company produces sportswear for adults and males too. Soffe has a nice selection of boys’ athletic apparel. So, you boys playing lacrosse, basketball, baseball or track would look very stylish at practice in Soffe sportswear. You may think this sports apparel company is a new fad, but it is not. The company was founded in 1946 by M.J. Soffe and is still going strong.
Wave One can provide you with an extensive selection of Soffe clothing and sports apparel. Some of the ladies’ items are:

  • Soffe shorts
  • Soffe skirts
  • Soffe pants
  • Soffe leggings
  • Soffe capris
  • Soffe shirts
  • Soffe tanks

Wave One also can provide a large selection of Soffe men’s clothing and sports apparel. Some of the items are:

  • Soffe shirts
  • Soffe hoodies
  • Soffe jackets
  • Soffe sweat pants
  • Soffe warm-ups
  • Soffe shorts

Soffe also has a variety of kids clothing and clothes for curvy women.

So, if you want style and comfort, you want Soffe. The wave knows.

The Wave Knows

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