Add a Bucket Hat to your Bucket List

The Wave knows lacrosse hats and today would like to discuss the very popular Bucket Hat.  A bucket hat, which is also similar to a fisherman’s hat, an Irish County hat and a session hat.  A bucket hat is a

Lacrosse Beanies are the Coolest

The Wave is rolling back in.  The Last time we talked about Trucker Hats and today we’d like to continue with the hat theme and talk about another type of hat, Lacrosse Beanie Hats.  Lax Beanie hats come in a

Baja Hoodies are What is In

Spring is here and summer is on the way.  Now is the perfect time to wear a Baja hoody with your sports’ team’s logo. The Wave knows that the Baja Hoody is in style and popular, but this is not

Lacrosse Visors for Your Team

Today, The Wave is going to continue with the hat theme and talk about another type of hat, the visor.  Just like Lacrosse Trucker Hat, Lacrosse Bucket Hats and Lacrosse Beanies, Lacrosse Visors are very popular and come in a

Lacrosse Trucker Hats are all the Rage

Wave One Sports would like to top your day off with a variety of lacrosse hats.  What better way to show your team support and spirit by sporting a custom lacrosse hat?  We have a variety of hats, caps, beanies

What’s in the Bag

Lacrosse is a sport that requires a lot of equipment.  For men’s lacrosse and high school boys’ lacrosse, of course you need a lacrosse stick, helmet, gloves and a mouth guard.  Additionally, there is other protective equipment that is required,

Boost your Team Spirit

Wave One Sports is an expert in Team Sports Apparel. We have been serving sports teams for over 30 years and meeting their sports uniform and sports’ team apparel needs.  In addition to uniforms, we customize other clothing such as