Custom Team Sports Products

Wave One Sports has more than 30 years of experience providing Custom Team Uniforms and Custom Sports Apparel to schools and businesses.  The Wave is an expert in Team Sports Apparel.  In addition to custom team sports uniforms, we customize

Custom Sublimated Game Shorts

The Wave explained the process of sublimated sports uniforms and sublimated sports apparel in a recent blog. Today, Wave One Sports would like to concentrate on Sublimated Game Shorts.  To refresh your memory, sublimation is a type of printing process

Camouflage is the Craze

Camouflage design seems to be back by popular demand. The Wave knows that camouflage never really went out of style.  Here is a little background on camouflage.  The animal kingdom was the first to use camouflage to blend into their

What is Sublimation?

Do you know what sublimation is?  The Wave knows and is the leader in custom sublimated sports uniforms.  Sublimation is also known as dye-sub or dye sublimation printing.  Sublimation is a type of printing process that utilizes heat to transfer

Custom Group Apparel

The Wave knows custom team sports uniforms and custom team sports apparel, but did you know we also specialize in other group apparel.  We can design a custom T-shirt or Custom Sweat Shirt for any group.  Maybe you have an

Custom Head Bands

Head bands can be an essential part of your sports’ team uniform.  Wave One Sports has custom head bands and head ties for men and women.  Head bands help keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes.  This helps

Custom Spirit Wear

Wave One Sports has been providing custom team uniforms to schools and clubs for over 30 years.  Although we specialize in field hockey and Lacrosse uniforms, we also supply team uniforms for all sports.  In addition to sports team uniforms,

Custom Corporate Apparel

Wave One Sports has worked with many companies and businesses to provide corporate apparel that is just right for them.  Custom Corporate Apparel is a great morale booster and can be perfect for company gifts and rewards.  Many employees would

Coach in Style with Custom Coach Apparel

Wave One Sports has custom coaching apparel so coaches can look professional and stylish on the sidelines.  Customized coaches’ shirts and customized coaches’ jackets can be designed to match your players, with your team colors, team logo, and team name. 

Custom Apparel for Foundations and Charities

Wave One Sports is an expert in custom team uniforms, but did you know we have worked with many charities and foundations to provide them with custom apparel and accessories for their events.  Many people have important causes that are