Crewneck Sweatshirts are Trending

A Brief History The Wave knows that Crewneck Sweatshirts are once again trending this fall.  The Crewneck Sweatshirt has been around for 100 years.  It was first worn as a football jersey and replaced the thick wool uniforms.  A few

The Fanny Pack is Back Wave One Sports has Custom Sports Fanny Packs

The Fanny Pack is back by popular demand.  Recently the fanny pack has made a comeback.  It was fashionable in the 80’s and 90’s but lost it popularity and was considered out of style and old fashioned.  Some famous stars

Wave One Sports Special Pricing Offers – Pro Weave Hood and Crewneck

Wave One Sports is currently offering special pricing offers. Please see our upcoming specials listed on our web site under the special offer link. The Wave is presently running a special on Pro Weave Hood and Pro Weave Crewnecks. The

Custom Holloway Aggression Jacket

Today, The Wave would like to feature the ever-popular name brand Holloway Sportswear Jackets. There are several custom Holloway Jackets that are very popular that we would like to share with you and recommend them as well. Today The Wave

Custom Holloway Range Packable Pullover

Recently, The Wave blogged about the popular Custom Holloway Aggression Jacket. Today, we’d like to concentrate on another Holloway Jacket that is one of our favorites, the useful and fun Holloway Range Packable Pullover. This jacket is the perfect bring-along

Camouflage is the Craze

Camouflage design seems to be back by popular demand. The Wave knows that camouflage never really went out of style.  Here is a little background on camouflage.  The animal kingdom was the first to use camouflage to blend into their

Custom Group Apparel

The Wave knows custom team sports uniforms and custom team sports apparel, but did you know we also specialize in other group apparel.  We can design a custom T-shirt or Custom Sweat Shirt for any group.  Maybe you have an

Custom Head Bands

Head bands can be an essential part of your sports’ team uniform.  Wave One Sports has custom head bands and head ties for men and women.  Head bands help keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes.  This helps

Custom Apparel for Foundations and Charities

Wave One Sports is an expert in custom team uniforms, but did you know we have worked with many charities and foundations to provide them with custom apparel and accessories for their events.  Many people have important causes that are

Add a Bucket Hat to your Bucket List

The Wave knows lacrosse hats and today would like to discuss the very popular Bucket Hat.  A bucket hat, which is also similar to a fisherman’s hat, an Irish County hat and a session hat.  A bucket hat is a

Lacrosse Beanies are the Coolest

The Wave is rolling back in.  The Last time we talked about Trucker Hats and today we’d like to continue with the hat theme and talk about another type of hat, Lacrosse Beanie Hats.  Lax Beanie hats come in a

Baja Hoodies are What is In

Spring is here and summer is on the way.  Now is the perfect time to wear a Baja hoody with your sports’ team’s logo. The Wave knows that the Baja Hoody is in style and popular, but this is not

Lacrosse Visors for Your Team

Today, The Wave is going to continue with the hat theme and talk about another type of hat, the visor.  Just like Lacrosse Trucker Hat, Lacrosse Bucket Hats and Lacrosse Beanies, Lacrosse Visors are very popular and come in a

Lacrosse Trucker Hats are all the Rage

Wave One Sports would like to top your day off with a variety of lacrosse hats.  What better way to show your team support and spirit by sporting a custom lacrosse hat?  We have a variety of hats, caps, beanies

The Wave’s online stores can be the answer to your fundraising needs.

“You can never cross the ocean Unless you have the courage To lose sight of the shore.” ~Christopher Columbus The Wave’s online stores can be the answer to your fundraising needs. What do you do to raise money for your

The Best Way to Motivate your Team is to Give them One of Our Customised Team Apparels

Sometimes at, we get enquiries into what is the best way to dress a competitive sporting team, whether they should be adorned in womens lacrosse jerseys or something less flamboyant and perhaps even cheaper. Our response continues to be

How to make the best of your next Design Selection

When next you want to make a design selection of either sport team uniforms, womens lacrosse clothing, or lacrosse pinnies, do you know how to make the best out of it? Do you know how to get the best designs for

Simplicity is a Good Tip for A Good Custom Uniform Design

In the 30+ years that we have been delighting our various customers, we have come to know that sometimes the best designs of lacrosse team uniforms are the ones that are simple. In other words you should not underestimate the

Whose opinion is more important in designing custom team uniform?

If you have been in the industry of designing lacrosse girls uniforms and lacrosse team apparel as long as we have at, then you would understand where we are heading for when we ask this question: whose opinion matters

Worried about your team’s morale? Your uniform might help

Has your team been facing many challenges with its practice and matches? It is possible for a lacrosse team to feel down because of a bad season. However, it is important to get the team out of the depression in