Wave One Sports Women’s Reversible Racerback Uniform

Wave One Sports has been serving sports teams for over 30 years and is an expert in sports uniforms and sports team apparel. The Wave knows custom team sports uniforms, and today we’d like to focus on our Wave One

Choose the Right Font for Your Sports Uniforms

A font is a set of printable or displayable text characters in a specific style and size. Some fonts are designed to be simple and easy to read, while others are designed to have a unique style. Did you know

Holloway Ladies Sof-Stretch Pullover

Recently, The Wave blogged about the popular Custom Holloway Range Packable Jacket. Today, we’d like to concentrate on another Holloway Jacket that is another one of our favorites, The Holloway Ladies Sof-Stretch Pullover. Experience the ultimate in softness and stretch

Custom Team Sports Products

Wave One Sports has more than 30 years of experience providing Custom Team Uniforms and Custom Sports Apparel to schools and businesses.  The Wave is an expert in Team Sports Apparel.  In addition to custom team sports uniforms, we customize

What is Sublimation?

Do you know what sublimation is?  The Wave knows and is the leader in custom sublimated sports uniforms.  Sublimation is also known as dye-sub or dye sublimation printing.  Sublimation is a type of printing process that utilizes heat to transfer

Coach in Style with Custom Coach Apparel

Wave One Sports has custom coaching apparel so coaches can look professional and stylish on the sidelines.  Customized coaches’ shirts and customized coaches’ jackets can be designed to match your players, with your team colors, team logo, and team name. 

Lacrosse Beanies are the Coolest

The Wave is rolling back in.  The Last time we talked about Trucker Hats and today we’d like to continue with the hat theme and talk about another type of hat, Lacrosse Beanie Hats.  Lax Beanie hats come in a

Blog on Googling Lacrosse

Every wave, regardless of how high and forceful it crests, must eventually collapse with in itself. – Stephan Zweig What’s in a Name Do you know how many ways you can ask for the same thing? How many times have

The Wave’s online stores can be the answer to your fundraising needs.

“You can never cross the ocean Unless you have the courage To lose sight of the shore.” ~Christopher Columbus The Wave’s online stores can be the answer to your fundraising needs. What do you do to raise money for your

Our Design Process for Your Team Uniforms and Jackets are Unmatched and Impeccable

At our company’s website at https://www.waveonesports.com, you can see that we are an establishment that has a wide array of products on display for any interested visitor to choose from. One of our major areas of specialization is in the

The Positive Impact of a Team’s Sporting Uniform on their Overall Performance

If you are the director of a sporting team, you should realize the importance that a uniform plays in the overall agenda of your team’s training and performance. If your team members do not make use of durable and long

Designing Specialized Sporting Apparel is A Second Nature for Us at www.waveonesports.com

When you think of the design and production of your team’s sporting apparel , think of getting them the best. And if this is your intention then https://www.waveonesports.com should be your destination. For 30+ years now, we have been the

How your uniform influences your team’s marketing?

Have you ever wondered how influential your lacrosse uniforms are? While you are playing with Nike custom lacrosse jerseys or Nike lacrosse uniforms, you would want to know how impactful they are. This way, you will be able to formulate

Save your team’s money by purchasing team uniforms online

Your teams budget may be running low on funds. It is also possible you may be pressured from school management to cut costs in order to inside your schools new spending mandates. You can succeed in this regard by purchasing your lacrosse

Want to boost your Lacrosse team’s fans? Here’s the best method to increase your fanbase:

While playing on the ground, the players remain focused on the game. However, the cheer of the fans from the stands lifts their spirits and encourages them to overcome their limitations. The tired players begin to play with more zeal.

Get lacrosse uniforms at your doorstep with Wave One Sports

Finding lacrosse team uniforms could be a cause of much concern for some team organizers or coaches. That’s because finding the right seller which offers a good selection of products along with an assurance of quality takes a lot of effort.

Wave One Custom Sublimated Tackle Twill

Custom Sublimated Tackle Twill Today we are revealing our newest innovation of custom sublimated tackle twill options to have sewn on to your favorite Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Holloway, or Pennant garment of your choice. CUSTOM SUBLIMATED TACKLE TWILL! This

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Wave One Sublimation

Wave One Sublimation Wave One Sublimated uniforms are our customer’s go-to choice when complete and unique customization is the priority. Most uniform and apparel options are limited to only changes in color and logo placement. In sublimation, design options are limitless

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Wave one Team Stores Online

  Wave One Sports, the leader in custom team sports apparel, offers online Team Stores.  Wave One online team stores are a great way for your team or organization to offer custom team sports apparel and accessories to your players,

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Under Armour Armourfuse Lax 1-PLY Reversible Racerback

Today we are reviewing one of the hottest new women’s lacrosse offerings from Under Armour, The Armourfuse Lax 1-Ply Reversible Racerback. The benefit of the single ply design is the weight saved by eliminating essentially an entire tank compared to traditional

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