Custom Lacrosse Shorts

Custom Lacrosse Shorts


Wave One Sports is the leader in Custom Lacrosse Shorts.  Custom lacrosse shorts come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and styles.  For many years traditional braided mesh shorts were the most popular style of custom lacrosse shorts.    While still available the demand for traditional treco mesh shorts with braid has been replaced by demand for Lacrosse shorts manufactured from new lighter weight technical fabrics.  Lightweight polyester fabrics like Nike’s DriFit and Under Armour’s Heatgear Moisture Transport are used to manufacture custom lacrosse shorts.  These new “technical” shorts are lighter weight and most teams feel they are more comfortable and enhance on field performance.

Wave One offers Custom Lacrosse Shorts made by Nike, Under Armour, Warrior, Brine, STX, Champion, Fit 2 Win, Wave One, Dynamic and others.  The primary difference between stock and custom lacrosse shorts is the variety of colors that can be combined to create the custom versions.  Stock shorts typically are one solid color or perhaps one color and white trim or side paneling.  Custom Lacrosse Shorts can be designed in your team’s specific colors.  Most manufacturers represented by Wave One Sports have user friendly design on line apps that permit you to create a custom lacrosse short and get a great idea of what color combinations will work for your team.  Once you’ve created the short Wave One will further customize by adding your team’s name and logo in embroidery, screen printing or thermo printing.  Numbers and player names can also be added to create a one of a kind look for each team.

The hottest current trend in Custom Lacrosse Shorts is the Sublimated Lacrosse Short.  Sublimation is a thermal fabric dying process that allows tremendous creativity with colors, logos, numbers and designs.  Sublimated Custom Lacrosse Shorts are made from a variety of technical fabrics that are light weight and wick moisture to create Custom Lacrosse Shorts that perform as good as they look.

Lacrosse teams of all ages, youth, scholastic, collegiate varsity and club, and post collegiate,  all look to Wave One for their Custom Lacrosse Shorts.  Through the use of colors, fabrics and custom designs Wave One creates the perfect Custom Lacrosse Shorts for your team.

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