Reversible Lacrosse Pinnies

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Reversible Lacrosse Pinnies

A necessity for every lacrosse team is a set of reversibles. Lacrosse reversibles, also commonly referred to as pinnies, are usually manufactured from nylon or polyester mesh fabric. They are two ply (layers) and are made using two different colors of mesh fabric so when reversed or turned inside out, the opposite color is exposed. The nylon or polyester mesh is fabricated with very small holes for breathability.  These small holes are also known as pin holes, hence the name pinnies, a term used interchangeably with reversibles, by lacrosse teams around the world.

Lacrosse reversibles are usually worn during practices but can also be used during games. Most commonly a lacrosse team will pick their primary color for one side and white as the color for the other side making this piece of lacrosse pinnie apparel very functional. The reversible can be worn two completely different ways and may be used for home and away situations. For lacrosse practice games this is very useful. During live drills the coach has the ability to have his players change from color to white or white to color instantly making it very easy for individual players to change sides during drills and scrimmages.  For lacrosse games it is also very useful eliminating the need to have two separate uniforms of different colors. Teams with limited funding find this feature of pinnies extremely helpful. 

Most teams decorate both front sides of their reversibles with their team logo. This can be done in a variety of ways incorporating multiple colors in opposite combinations to achieve a desirable look regardless of which side of the reversible pinnie is shown. Many teams also decorate the back of both sides with individual player numbers adding game situation functionality. Some teams that only use the pinnies for practice forgo the numbers to save money if their budget will not permit the additional expense.

The most popular Lacrosse Reversible Wave One Sports currently features is a sublimated reversible.  Sublimation is a dying process that has revolutionized the imprinted apparel industry. Designs and patterns are printed on paper using an ink jet printer which is then run through a rolling machine with white fabric and a heated roller system, resulting in the design from the paper sublimating onto the fabric. Logos, designs, scenes, patterns, names, and numbers can be sublimated in this fashion using an unlimited amount of colors, creating a very unique finished product.

The lacrosse reversible Pinnie is a very versatile piece of lacrosse apparel. It is lightweight, available in many color combinations, can easily be decorated, washes well, and is relatively inexpensive. These attributes make it one of the most popular and common items purchased by men’s and women’s lacrosse teams in all age categories from youth to post collegiate.

Wave One Sports has been manufacturing and selling custom team reversibles and other lacrosse pinnie apparel since 1988. Please contact Wave One Sports for a quote or to place an order for custom team reversible pinnies. 

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