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Wave One Sports is the leader in custom team sports apparel. Wave One Sports designs, decorates, manufactures and sells Ultimate Frisbee Uniforms. Ultimate Frisbee Uniforms are worn by players competing in Ultimate games and tournaments. Ultimate is team sport that has taken some of the most exciting aspects of football, basketball and soccer to create a fast-paced game played with a flying disc most commonly known as a Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is played on grass, sand and indoors on sport courts. The field of play is rectangular with 2 ends zones at opposite ends of the rectangle. Points are scored when a player catches a pass while in the opponents end zone. Players may not run with the disc and the player has ten seconds to get rid of the disc. Contact is not permitted in Ultimate Frisbee. Unique to Ultimate is the lack of referees, players call their own fouls and mutual respect is the name of the game.

Ultimate Frisbee Uniforms are available in many different styles and a variety of different fabrics. They range from complexly decorated sublimated jersey and short combinations constructed from high tech wicking polyester fabrics, to cotton tanks with lettering and numbering. In recent years sublimation techniques and processes have made significant technical advances, resulting in higher quality, greater variety and reduced costs of Ultimate Frisbee Uniforms. As a result while many options are offered the popularity of sublimated uniforms for Ultimate and most team sports has increased steadily.

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