Ultimate Uniforms

Wave One Sports is the leader in custom team sports apparel. Wave One Sports manufactures, designs and sells Ultimate Uniforms. Ultimate Uniforms are worn by players playing the game of Ultimate. Ultimate is a fast-paced game combining numerous aspects of football, basketball and soccer, also known as Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Uniforms can be as simple as a tee shirt or tank top with the Ultimate team name on the front and a player number on the back. At the other end of the scale are Ultimate Uniforms that are sublimated and utilize a variety of colors, logos, fonts and designs to create a beautiful look and expression.

Ultimate Uniforms can be constructed from cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends. Today’s modern Ultimate players require lightweight, moisture wicking Ultimate Uniforms that perform as well as they look. Consequently, the sublimated version of Ultimate Uniforms is in greatest demand. These highly technical polyester styles allow great mobility and quick dry time. The sublimation process allows for virtually unlimited design flexibility to create a unique, one of kind look for Ultimate Uniforms.

Many times we hear; look good, play good. Ultimate Uniforms from Wave One Sports look good, wear good, perform good and allow you and your Ultimate team to play good.

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