Wave One Sports is the leader in custom team sports apparel. Wave One Sports creates and sells custom jerseys, shorts and apparel that teams use to play Ultimate. Ultimate is a team sport that is played around the world using a fly disc, commonly known as a frisbee.

Ultimate was originally created by high school students in the late 60’s in Maplewood, New Jersey. At that time, the flying disc used to play Ultimate was called the Frisbee, and thus the game was called Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate is played outdoors, typically on a rectangular field like a football field. Ultimate is also played outdoors on sand or the beach on a “court” that is also rectangular and in many aspect similar to a football field with end zones at both ends. Ultimate is also played indoors. The rules of all three are similar, with the number of players varying depending upon the venue.

Ultimate features a mixture of some aspects of basketball, soccer and football. Scoring in Ultimate Occurs when a passed frisbee is caught by a player in the end zone. Advancing the disc must be done by passing, players are forbidden from taking even one step while in possession of the disc. If a player does take a step or steps with the disc the result is a turnover with possession going to the opposing team. Turnovers also occur in Ultimate upon incomplete passes, passes caught out of bounds, interceptions (pass caught by opposing player) and passes deflected to the ground by an opposing player. Ultimate is a non-contact sport, with deliberate contact resulting in a foul. Interestingly players usually enforce the rules of Ultimate without the use of referees.

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