High Quality Barundan Embroidery Machine

High Quality Barundan Embroidery Machine

Wave One does Custom embroidered Apparel with our High Quality Barundan Embroidery Machine, The Worlds Most Advanced Embroidery Equipment

Wave One Sports has been specializing in custom team sports uniform and custom corporate apparel for over 30 years. We are experts in embellishing uniforms and all types of sports apparel. One of our specialties is embroidery. One of the reasons we deliver such quality work is because of our Barundan Embroidery Machine, which is a high-performance embroidery machine. The Barundan Co., LTD which is a company that began in Japan, and is known around the world for quality, reliability and value. This company manufactures and sells computerized multi-head embroidery machines and other related equipment. Wave One Sports, knowing the Barunda is like the Rolls Royce of embroidery machines, wanted the best for our customers, therefore, we decided to invest in this high-quality embroidery machine. The Barunda machines outperforms and outlasts other brands. The Wave realized that cheaper machines could be unreliable, break down and require high maintenance.

The Barunda Embroidery Machines allows us to provide excellent service and a high-quality product. This reliable embroidery machine creates fine embroidery at a high performance. The unique rotary sewing head is designed to operate continuously at a maximum speed with quality that is second to none. The Barundan makes color changes quickly with little interruption, and the positive needle drive system along with the servo driven pantograph ensures the best stitch quality in the industry. The power is transferred directly to the needle with 1100 stitches per minute and produces a beautiful three-dimensional embroidery. Wave One Sports has the K Series Multi-Head Embroidery Machine with an eight head capacity. The positive needle drive technology gives us the ability to sew on a variety of items and allows the most precisely sewn details and lettering. We can embroider anything from light weight fabrics to heavy garments, including blankets, jackets, bags and caps. The Under Armour qualifier ¼ zip, The Nike Brasilla backpack- and The Legacy caps are very popular items that we embroider. Wave One Sports is an expert in custom embroidered apparel and custom embroidery. Let The Wave help you with any of your sports apparel or corporate apparel embroidery needs. Some things to consider for custom embroidery are:

  • Custom Embroidered Lacrosse Uniforms
  • Custom Embroidered Hockey Uniforms
  • Custom Embroidered Fleece Jackets
  • Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts and Vests
  • Custom Embroidered Outerwear
  • Custom Embroidered Sweatshirts and Hoodies
  • Custom Embroidered Warm-up Jackets
  • Custom Embroidered Pants and Shorts
  • Custom Embroidered Backpacks
  • Custom Embroidered hats, caps, and beanies

Remember, Wave One Sports, the leader in Custom Team Sports apparel and Corporate apparel, specializes in custom embroidery. Our in-house custom embroidery is an important tool we use to provide unparalleled customer service and quality. Choose Wave One Sports for any of your Sports Team Apparel. Wave One can customize your team’s uniform with any design. Call us at Wave One Sports and one of our qualified sales representatives can design a sample with your team colors, team name, and team logo. Our talented onsite graphic artist can create a mockup to share with your team. Call Wave One Sports at 1-800-779-2891 or visit us a www.waveonesports.com