Wave One Sports Women’s Reversible Racerback Uniform

Wave One Sports Women’s Reversible Racerback Uniform

Wave One Sports Women’s Reversible Racerback Uniform:

Wave One Sports has been serving sports teams for over 30 years and is an expert in sports uniforms and sports team apparel. The Wave knows custom team sports uniforms, and today we’d like to focus on our Wave One Brand of Women’s Reversible Racerback Lacrosse Uniforms. These racerback jerseys and kilts come in a one-ply, one-lax material that is a light weight and keeps the players cool. Not only do they feel cool, but they look cool in our stylish semi-cut crew neck lacrosse uniforms. These fully sublimated girls’ lacrosse uniforms will be dyed with your logos, players names, player numbers and designs right into the fabric for a bright and colorful look.


Why Choose Sublimated Jerseys?

Custom sublimated uniforms won’t wear, fade, and have a lightweight texture. Sublimated uniforms have a unique design, show incredible detail and have bold bright colors. Most typically a lacrosse team will pick their primary color for one side and white as the color for the other side. This distinguishes them for home and away games. Most teams decorate both front sides of their reversible with their team name, logo and player number. This can be done in a variety of ways incorporating multiple colors in opposite combinations. The back of the reversible is decorated with the players number as well. You can also choose to do all over patterns, mascots, tonal designs or ghosted logos. Wave One Women’s Sublimated Reversible racerbacks and skirts come in sizes XS-2XL.


Why Choose Wave One Sports?

Wave One Sports can design your racerbacks with bold designs and vibrant colors at no additional cost with our onsite graphic artist. You choose your colors and specifications and we make a design just for you! We can design a custom sublimated kilt, skirt or skort to match your racerback jersey. Just ask one of our Sales Reps. We will work with you to design your dream custom Lacrosse Uniforms. We will design a mock up with your team colors and logo. Our talented onsite graphic artist can create a mock up to share with your team.


The Wave would like to give a shout out to Riptide Girls Lacrosse, who are sporting our Wave One sublimated reversible racerback uniforms. Looking good girls! We are so glad you are happy with your uniforms! Choose Wave One Sports for any of your Sports Team apparel. Call us at 1-800-779-2891 or visit us at www.waveonesports.com