Track Suits are not just for Track

Track Suits are not just for Track

The Wave has been blogging about the different types of Athletic Bottoms, and today’s blog will be about the old favorite, The Track Suit.  A track suit is a loose, warm set of clothes consisting of a sweatshirt or loose jacket with a front zipper and pants with an elastic or drawstring waste, worn when exercising or as casual wear.  The tracksuit, which is also known as a warm-up suit, was originally intended for athletes to keep warm before, during (on breaks) or after competitions.  Athletes also wore the track suit over competition clothing, such as running shirt and shorts, tennis, soccer or a swimsuit.  It was also designed to be easily removed before competition.

Tracksuits have made many transformations over the decades which have come in and out of style as well as some designs making a comeback. During the 1960’s it became acceptable to wear tracksuits outside of sporting events, exercising or working out and thus the leisure suit or athleisure wear began as a popular casual wear.  During the 1970’s The Track Suit became more popular and was made out of cotton, polyester, terry cloth, or a blend.  In the late 1970’s velour became very popular and was the most used fabric for tracksuits at that time.  In the 1980s the popular trend of wearing athletic apparel as casual wear continued and many clothing designers and sportswear companies helped this trend to grow in popularity.  During the late 1980s, the shell suit became very fashionable.  The shell suit is a lightweight tracksuit made of an outer nylon shell, which often has panels of different colors and a cotton inner lining.  Hip Hop musicians and break dancers helped to make the shell suit a fashion trend.  Many popular music rappers and pop artists of the 90’s kept the tracksuit trendy during this decade.  During the 2000’s The Track Suit, as well as the shell suit style, and fabric of velour made a comeback with many stars sporting this fashion.

Many Olympic Teams have chosen to wear tracksuits designed by prominent fashion designers as their outfits for the opening ceremonies.  Did you know the Adidas three side strip track suit was first introduced by the company in 1967, and this track suit apparel is still popular today?  Wave One Sports can customize your sports team’s track suit with many of the popular sports brands.  You can choose your team’s colors and we can decorate it with your team name, logo, player’s name and player’s number.  We can embellish your custom track suit with a full leg screen print or a hip embroidery.

Wave one Sports knows that track suits are comfortable, stylish, warm.  Think how awesome your team will look in their matching custom sports team’s tracksuit.  Whether you are wearing them to a practice, game or traveling with your team, you will be comfortable and stylish.  You can also show your team pride and spirit while relaxing at home, hanging out with friends, running errands around town or wearing your track suit to the gym.  Wave One can customize many of the popular sports brands including:

  • Custom Nike Tracksuits
  • Custom Pennant Tracksuits
  • Custom Champion Tracksuits
  • Custom Adidas Tracksuits
  • Custom Badger Tracksuits
  • Custom Under Armour Tracksuits
  • Custom Charles River Tracksuits
  • Custom Holloway Tracksuits

Let Wave One Sports provide you with your custom sports uniform and custom sports apparel gear.  Our talented onsite graphic artist can create a mock up or design with your team logo and colors.  Call us at 1-800-779-2891