What is your Favorite Athletic Bottom?

There are many types of athletic bottom wear.  What type of pant do you prefer for exercising, leisure wear or downtime?  There are sweatpants that can be an open bottom, like a boot cut or have a closed bottom with an elastic band.  Then there are joggers that have a slimmer leg than sweatpants and have a cuffed bottom.  There are also warmup pants, training pants, track pants, yoga pants and tights.  So, which is your favorite?  The wave will be exploring the difference types of exercise pants in some upcoming blogs.  Today, we will focus on sweatpants.  The first pair of sweatpants was introduced in the 1920’s by Emile Camuset, the founder of Le Coq Sportif, a sports store.  These were simple gray jersey pants that allowed athletes to stretch and run comfortably.  Sweatpants are defined as loose, warm trousers with an elasticized or draw string waist, worn when exercising or for leisure.  Sweatpants are usually made of cotton or polyester or a blend and often of a heavy knit.  In addition to having an elastic waist or drawstring waist band, the may or may not have pockets.  Most sweatpants have an elastic cuff at the hem of the leg;however, they can have on open hem.  They are traditionally baggy and loose.  They were called sweatpants because the design and material consumed less heat as compared to other conventional trousers or jeans that were worn as an exercise pant of that time.   They were named sweatpants because they trapped less heat then other pants.  They were perfect for athletic people playing a sport or exercising.  Today, some people call them sweatpants because they can actually make them sweat. Some sweatpants are made a thick material and are meant to keep your legs warm.  Sweatpants are warm, comfortable and cozy, whether you are at home or outside in chilly temperatures.  Wave One Sports can customize sweatpants with your team name, logo, and player number.  We can embellish your custom sweatpants with a full leg screen print or a hip embroidery.  Some of our favorite sweatpants to customize are:

  • Custom Under Armour Hustle Fleece Pant
  • Custom Under Armour Rival Fleece Pant
  • Custom Pennant Super 10 Fleece Pant
  • Nike Club Fleece
  • Jerzees 9.5 oz. Super Sweats
  • Champion Powerblend Fleece

Let Wave One Sports provide you with your custom sports uniform and custom sports apparel gear.  Our talented onsite graphic artist can create a mock up or design with your team logo and colors.  Call us at 1-800-779-2891 or visit us at www.waveonesports.com.