Compression Athletic Tights for Men and Women

Compression Athletic Tights for Men and Women

Compression Athletic Tights for Men and Women

The Wave knows that there are many benefits to wearing compression shorts, pants tights and other compression wear.  Today we will discuss compression tights.  Many athletes and runners choose to wear compression tights under their work out gear or uniforms.  Many experts believe that athletic tights keep muscles warm and help with blood flow.  Compression tights hold muscles firmly in place, and therefore improve circulation.  Many compression pants have pads on them to protect the thighs, glutes and other parts.


Athletic Tights Vs. Athletic Leggings

Many people confuse compression leggings and compression tights.    Tights usually cover the entire body from the waist to the toe.  The word compress means to squeeze or press together; to force into less space.  So, compression tights fit tightly, hence the name tights.  Leggings aren’t as skintight or as well fitted as tights.  Tights are made of a thinner fabric; usually polyester, nylon, cotton or spandex.    Athletic tights are translucent and shear, so they are usually not worn alone.  Athletic leggings are made of a thicker, warmer material.  They are also close-fitting, but not as snug.  They are made of a stretchy fabric of opaque, spandex, polyester or other material.  Running tights usually cover from waist to ankle, but also come in thigh and capri lengths.

Compression tights are not only comfortable, cozy, and sporty they also have many benefits, including a reduced risk of muscle fatigue and soreness, better muscle oxygenation and better recovery after strenuous exercise.


Compression Tights Available from Wave One Sports

Our sales representatives can recommend the compression gear that is just right for you.  Here are a few compression tights you may want to consider:

  • Men’s Nike 23 Alpha Dry ¾ Tight
  • Men’s Nike Pro Hyperwarm Tight
  • Men’s Nike Pro ¾ Tight
  • Women’s Nike Power Tight
  • Women’s Nike Pro Capris
  • Men’s Under Armour ColdGear Tight
  • Men’s Under Armour Fly Fast Tight
  • Men’s Under Armour Qualifier HeatGear Tight
  • Augusta Ladies Hyperform Compression Tight
  • Augusta Men’s Hyperform Compression Tight
  • Holloway Ladies High Rise Tech Tight

If you desire, a simple one-color logo or number can be added to your athletic tight with thermal heat press.

Choose Wave One Sports for any of your Sport’s Team Apparel.  Wave One can customize your team’s uniform with any design.  Call us at Wave One Sports and our qualified sales representative can design a mock up or a sample with your team colors, team name and logo.  Our talented onsite graphic artist can create a mock up to share with your team.  Give us a call at 1-800-779-2891 or visit us at