The Fanny Pack is Back Wave One Sports has Custom Sports Fanny Packs

The Fanny Pack is Back Wave One Sports has Custom Sports Fanny Packs

The Fanny Pack is back by popular demand.  Recently the fanny pack has made a comeback.  It was fashionable in the 80’s and 90’s but lost it popularity and was considered out of style and old fashioned.  Some famous stars and fashion designers have reinvented the fanny pack and its back and better than ever before.

First off, the fanny pack is a small fabric pouch worn by the use of a strap above the hips and around the waste that is secured usually with some sort of buckle.  It is used to hold essentials and provides the convenience of being hands free. The fanny pack is known under many different names, depending on where you are from and what it is used for.  Some of the other names include; bum bag, belt bag, belly bag, hip bag, waist bag, and hip pouch.

The fanny pack is more than a few decades old, in fact they have been around for 5,000 years.  Otzi the iceman of the Copper Age was discovered as a glacier mummy wearing a belt pouch carrying tools.  Ancient Egyptians, Medieval Europeans, Early Christians, and Native Americans were all known to wear some sort of pouch or purse around their waste.   In Modern times, British skiers of the 1950’s used the term bum bag to refer to the pouches they wore on the slopes.

The Fanny Pack is a very useful and handy accessory.  You can carry any essential or valuable items that you deem fit, such as a cell phone, wallet, money, card, keys, Chapstick, sunscreen, tissue pack, camera or hand sanitizer.  Whatever your activity or wherever your location, you can be hands free, yet have your personal items easily accessible.  The Wave knows many places where a fanny pack could be worn, for example at a festival, parade, amusement park, concert, watching a sporting event, walking in a city, shopping, and running errands.  You don’t have to carry a heavy backpack, bulky tote, or strappy pocketbook that can pull on your shoulder.  You can conveniently reach for your wallet and not have to dig through a bag, and it is also safer to carry to avoid theft.

Although there are many fashion designers making very expensive fanny packs or belt bags, Wave One Sports would like to concentrate on a particular type of fanny pack which is known as a sports fanny pack, athletic waist pack, or a waist sports pack.  We can customize your sports fanny pack with a team logo or personalize it with your name.  Wave One can embellish your custom waist sports pack with embroidery, screen print, or heat press.

Some Sports fanny packs we can customize are:

  • Custom Nike Sports Fanny Pack
  • Custom Adidas Sports Fanny Pack
  • Custom Champion Sports Fanny Pack
  • Custom Patagonia Sports Fanny Pack
  • Custom Under Armour Sports Fanny Pack
  • Custom Alpha Sports Athletic Fanny Pack.

These Fanny Packs are not only cool again, but they are easy and convenient to wear to so many activities where it would be practical and safe to be hands free. You can show your team spirit and team pride off the field with your team’s custom sports fanny packs.  These fanny packs would also be a great item for an online team store.

In addition to a fanny pack, we can suggest other custom sports bags you may be interested including; duffle bags, back packs and synch drawstring bags.

Wave One Sports can customize your team sport’s apparel with your team logo, team, your name and number.  You can choose screen printing, heat press, custom embroidery, or specialized tackle twill.

The Wave knows custom sport team apparel and custom corporate apparel.  Choose Wave One Sports for any of your Sports Team Apparel.  Wave One can customize your team’s uniform with any design.  Call us at Wave One Sports and one of our qualified sales representatives can design a sample with your team colors, team name, and team logo.  Our talented onsite graphic artist can create a mockup to share with your team.