Why Our Face Masks Beat the Competition:

Why Our Face Masks Beat the Competition:

Why Our Face Masks Beat the Competition:

Our customers have told us time and time again  that we have the best face masks they have found. They have a better design, better look, and better price than face masks from our competitors all available in a timely fashion. Instead of getting a blank, disposable face mask that is uncomfortable to wear, treat yourself to a custom mask with unique detail that is comfortable and safe for the environment.


Wave One Mask SideComfort   

The comfortability of our face masks is the first thing that people notice. There are adjustable elastic ear straps that make our masks extremely comfortable to wear over long periods of time. We can tell you that from experience here in the office! This adjustable style also allows the masks to fit on people of all sizes, from children to fully grown adults. People have seen our masks and come up to us and ask about the ear straps and where to find them. Once we found this style of face mask, the normal ear straps seem almost unbearable. They either pull on your ears too hard making them uncomfortable or are not tight enough which then makes the mask less effective. They non-adjustable straps also wear out over time causing them to be replaced more often. All you have to do with the adjustable straps is pull them a little tighter and it’s back to the perfect fit. See for yourself how these straps make a huge difference!


Wave One Mask BackFeatures

There are some other great factors in the construction of these face masks as well. There is a space in the fabric designed for your nose to fit into. This makes the face mask fit a little closer to your face above your nose, making it more effective. People who wear glasses will find this important because it means their glasses will fog up a little less, which can be frustrating. The overall shape is designed to fit over the curves of your face, and tucks under your chin for great protection at all angles. A Pellon fabric layer is provided on the inside of the mask to make it sturdier, and easier to breathe. These are also washable and reusable, making them safer for the environment.



Sublimated face masks also allow for much more color and imagery than screen printed. Rather than wearing a boring blue disposable hospital mask, wear something more responsible with a much cooler look. Sublimation allows us to print a lot of colors into the fabric, allowing you to get creative with your designs. We can print any color of the spectrum and even have white and black ear straps for variety as well. Whether you want a more plain subdued look, or an over-the-top bright colorway, The Wave’s got it all.



On top of making these face masks more unique than anyone else, we’ve also got better pricing and timing. At the same price most companies are charging for a blank mask, we can help your brand with even better imagery. These will also get to you more quickly! Our completely custom gaiters only take 3 weeks after the art approval before they are in your hand. This beats out a blank, generic face mask you would be waiting 2 to 3 weeks for already any day!


Call Wave One today and see for yourself why our masks are the best around!