Why players prefer gaiters over face masks

Why players prefer gaiters over face masks

Why players prefer gaiters over face masks:

Why do players prefer the gaiters (aka Neck Buffs) over the standard face masks? Wave One has been making masks and gaiters for teams and business during the Covid Pandemic, and we have found that players prefer to wear a gaiter to a standard face mask. They are more comfortable to wear because there are no straps, easier to take on and off, and offer more wearable options than the masks do. These gaiters will stay in style well into the colder months as well. If you are debating between gaiters and masks, Wave One can show you why teams prefer the simplicity of the gaiters.



Gaiters seem to be a popular option among players because they are much mor comfortable. There are no straps on the sides, meaning they are not constantly putting restraint on your ears while in use. This also makes it easier to perform the rigorous activity that most sports require. The universal fit that the gaiters offer conforms to each players head, making it easier to run without worrying about the mask falling off. This universal fit also provides more coverage than the face masks, meaning more protection from harmful elements in the air.


More Options

The gaiters can be worn backwards or forwards, which gives you the opportunity to print more jersey options on one face covering. Print one team logo on the front and another logo on the back, or maybe have the whole front in your team’s home color and the back in your team’s away color. This ability to print multiple styles on the same piece makes it easier to fit with your jerseys/uniforms. Also, since there are no straps over your ears it is more comfortable to wear these with helmets/glasses/goggles than the normal face masks.



The simplicity of the gaiters makes them more attractive than the masks as well. They are easier to take on an off because you can let them hang around your neck without worrying about germs getting on them. Cleaning the buffs is also easier because there are not any straps to get damaged in the wash. Just throw the whole gaiter into the wash after wearing and it will be good for the next use! Making the face covering easier to wear also means better virus protection. The less times you fidget with the mask on your face, the less susceptible you are. People often adjust their normal face masks the whole time they are wearing it. This gets the possible virus blocked by the mask onto your hands and then furthers the spread. With the gaiter, just set the mask and forget about it. It is much more easy to wear, meaning it will be adjusted less and transmit less virus particles.


Stay in style

The gaiters will still be in style long after the face masks are no longer being used for Covid. During the winter months people already use gaiters when skiing/snowboarding and will continue to do so. Keep yourself warm at those fall/winter sporting events with a gaiter as well. There is no telling how long the Covid preventative mask measures will last, so why not prepare yourself with a gaiter you can use for years into the future instead of just a mask? We know our players have told us that they prefer the gaiters, and we can make them completely custom just for you.


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