Coronavirus in Sports: How to Prepare for Next Season

Coronavirus in Sports: How to Prepare for Next Season

Coronavirus in Sports: How to Prepare for Next Season


How to prepare for Coronavirus in sports?

Coaches and players alike are looking to prepare for the next season and remain safe from the Coronavirus during practices and sporting events. The country is slowly starting to re-open so now is the time for teams to prepare for their upcoming season. Many seasons have been cancelled or postponed due to social distancing from Covid-19. As the seasons start to resume coaches and players will have to take some new safety precautions to prevent further spreading of the virus. There are many more steps you need to take than just wearing masks on the field, and Wave One is here to help.

How has Coronavirus impacted sports so far?

Whether playing for a high school team or a major league team, all sports have been affected by the Coronavirus. Some seasons have been cancelled completely, some have been postponed until further notice, but as of right now there are virtually no sporting events. The MLB and NBA are currently working on plans to ensure that their upcoming seasons will go on, but there are going to be major changes to the current health and safety operations. Lacrosse and other high contact sports are going to be specifically affected by these new rules, but it will help keep everyone safe. 

How to prepare for next season?

In most states it is currently required by law to wear a mask in any public indoor setting. Business owners are constantly cleaning surfaces to prevent any chance of possible outbreak in their store. Coaches will need to provide this same amount of protection on the field when the new season comes around. Require players to wear masks at all times, on and off the field. After any practice or game, masks will have to be replaced so make sure to have reusable, washable masks on hand to help reduce your carbon footprint. Using disposable masks every game can get costly for your wallet as well as the environment. Get a few for each player, and they can bring them along to practice in their bag, along with their other gear. Wave One has custom sublimated masks and neck gaiters at great prices!


Pro tip: Bring a small plastic bag to keep used masks and gaiters separated inside your gear bag!


Locker Room







How to keep locker rooms safe? 

Keeping the virus at bay is just as important in the locker room as it is on the field. There are reports of the Coronavirus lasting for multiple days on hard surfaces. This means there should always be cleaning supplies available in the locker room, including at least 70% strength alcohol. Anything less will not be sure to kill the virus! Make sure that all players and coaches wear their masks in the locker room to further prevent spreading of any possible virus elements. Everyone should also have 70% hand sanitizer as well. Wearing gloves and washing hands only goes so far. Extinguish the Coronavirus before it can become a possible threat by staying vigilant, and prepared.


How long will new safety precautions last? 

There is no telling how long the Coronavirus will stick around. There have been prior viruses such as the Spanish Flu that stayed around for years causing people to social distance. Many states are starting to re-open now, but historians seem to think there will be a second wave of the disease due to re-opening too early. It is best to air on the side of safety and prepare now to have masks for the long haul. Buy in bulk and you can get better pricing on more masks. Wave One Sports can help you prepare for your next season ahead by providing you with custom masks and gaiters. With Wave One custom masks and gaiters you can sport your team and stay safe in tournaments on the field, or just for practice in the backyard until things get back to normal.

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