Product Spotlight: Boxercraft Flannel Pants

Product Spotlight: Boxercraft Flannel Pants

Product Spotlight: Boxercraft Flannel Pants

With everyone working from the comfort of their couches during the quarantine, why not offer some comfy custom apparel for them as well? The Boxercraft flannel pants are incredibly comfortable, and Wave One Sports has been making them into custom pajama pants for years! Many teams and businesses are having trouble adapting to the quarantine. Offering your crew some pajama pants that they can wear around the house will help keep their head in the game until things get back to normal. 


Comfortable Design:Boxercraft Flannel Pants

Boxercraft’s flannel pants are made from 100% double brushed cotton flannel that is lightweight at 4.3 oz. and soft on the skin. Made for such a laid-back comfortable fit, these pants are sure to be irresistible long after the Covid quarantine is over. They also feature side pockets for small item storage which is very convenient. The waistband has an adjustable cord to make sure that each pair provides the perfect fit for all sizes. Adult sizes run from Small to XX-Large, and youth sizes run from Small to Large, so anyone in the family can join in on the fun! With over 50 color variations, Wave One is guaranteed to find the perfect match for your brand!


Keep Your Team Excited:

Whether you are the coach for a sports team, run your own small business, or just want to have matching comfy clothes for the family, these flannel pants are sure to keep your team excited about the work they are doing. During the Covid-19 quarantine many of us are getting caught up in Zoom meetings, long phone calls and filling our coffee tables up with office work, and those comfy sweatpants are always the go-to in the morning. Putting your own custom logos onto these pants will make people even more excited to put that extra work in from home. Wave One Sports has been helping teams and businesses alike make their perfect pajama pants for years. Let us help you now!


Boxercraft Flannel PantsCustomization Options:

There are plenty of customization options for these pants to help you create the perfect pair. Between the 50 color options available, and the logo options you’re bound to make a pair you absolutely love. Printing block letters down the side has been a very popular option in the past, but we can also embroider logos with as many colors as you’d want, print logos on one side and lettering on the other, or sew twill lettering on. We can even print individual player numbers or employee’s initials if you want each person to have a one-of-a-kind item. The sky’s the limit! Let us help bring your vision to life.


Wave One Sports Masks & GaitersAdd Some Masks or Gaiters!

As counties re-open across the nation and people start getting back to their normal lives, masks are sure to be required. Wave One decided to help by making custom masks and gaiters/buffs to keep people safe from hazardous virus droplets in the air around us. At the same price you are finding blank masks online, Wave One Sports can help you make custom ones for your team or business. If you want to set up special pricing packages to combine masks with your flannel pants orders, our customer service team will be more than happy to help. Stay home, stay comfy, and prepare for the next steps we all have to take together. 




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