Practice Packs

Practice Packs

Practice Packs for 2020/2021 Seasons

Get prepared for your team’s 2020 Fall season with practice packs from Wave One Sports. We are starting to see teams send in their uniform orders as they gear up for the fall season. All players also need gear to wear for practice. Offer up a practice pack for your players and present your team as a unified front to your opponents, even during practices. There are a lot of added benefits to offering apparel to your team in a practice pack as opposed to ordering spirit wear individually. We have plenty of practice pack examples available on our website, and we can customize the pack to include exactly the items you need.


Gear up for the new season

Teams are gearing up for the new season. Instead of letting teams order their own spirit wear apparel after the season starts, get them a practice pack now! This will make the team even more excited to put in the extra effort during practices. Very often we see teams wait until their season has already started, and then open an online store for spirit apparel. This takes a few weeks to collect the orders and payments, and then takes another few weeks for production and shipping. So often, teams are already well into their season by the time they get their gear. Bypass this problem by offering a concise package deal for one bulk price to all players on the team. It will be faster, less expensive, and less hassle this way!


Benefits of Practice Packs

There are many benefits to ordering team practice packs as opposed to individual items. If you sell the same practice pack to each player, your team will look unified all the time. Whether it be at practice, scrimmage games, or in school, the team will look like one cohesive group. By providing the same items to each player with similar logos we can reduce the cost of producing the items, meaning we can sell them to you for even less. And you can still make your practice packs player specific by offering player names, graduating years, and team numbers on the items as well. Time and time again we see customers pleased with the practice packs, as it is a great “bang for your buck.”


Coronavirus Specific Practice Packs

Keep coronavirus in mind when you are gearing up for the season. We can offer masks or gaiters/buffs as a part of your team’s practice packs. Players seem to enjoy the gaiters over the masks because they stay on your face more easily while moving around, and when you take them off you can just let them hang around your neck for zero distractions from the game. We have also seen teams including compression leggings, and compression long sleeves to help counter any skin to skin contact that may happen during a game or practice.


Practice Pack Examples

Wave One has a variety of sample practice packs available on our website, but we can always make them specific to exactly what you want for your team. Some popular practice pack examples include:

Practice Pack #1: Hoodie, T-Shirt, Pinnie, Pocketed Short

UA Practice Pack # 1


Practice Pack #2: Hoodie, T-Shirt, Pinnie, Sweatpants, Shorts

UA Practice Pack # 2


Practice Pack #3: Hoodie, T-Shirt, Sweatpants, Shorts



Mix and match your favorite items to make your perfect practice pack. We can do branded practice packs from big brands like Nike and Under Armour, or we can do practice packs from Wave One branded items, or a combination! We have done packs that are just shorts and a t-shirt, and we have done packs with 6 items or more. Some other great items to include in a practice pack would be bags, water bottles, lanyards, and other small items to get the team excited about their gear. If you have an idea of something you would want for your team, we are sure we can help you provide the perfect practice pack.


Give us a call today and one of our sales experts would be more than happy to help you!