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Wave One Sports is the leader in custom team sports apparel. Wave One Sports manufactures, sells, designs and creates Disc Uniforms. Disc Uniforms and worn by players competing in Disc competitions. Disc is also known as Ultimate, Ultimate Frisbee and Ultimate Disc. The disc is a round plastic saucer most commonly known as the frisbee.

Disc is a game that draws from some aspects of soccer, basketball and football. Disc is played most commonly outdoors on grass and turf fields like football fields. The disc fields are rectangular and each have two end zones. Disc is also played on sand, usually the beach, also on a rectangular field with end zones. While not as prevalent, disc is also played indoors on a variety of surfaces. Indoor courts are also marked with two end zones. Scoring occurs in disc when a tossed disc is caught by a player in the opposition’s end zone. Players are not allowed to take any steps once they are in possession of the disc. In most disc games fouls are called and rules are enforced by the players without the use of referees.

Disc uniforms, most commonly short sleeve tops and tanks, and shorts, are offered in a wide range of fabrics including cotton, polyester and blends. Disc uniforms can be decorated using a variety of techniques including screen printing, embroidery, tackle twill, thermo printing and sublimation. At a minimum disc uniforms contain the team name and player number, but can be as ornate as the team and players wish.

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